Keep track of personal and family finances with a free and open-source application.

Works on any device

Econumo works with any modern device: smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop computer.
Work is supported on any modern operating system: Windows, macOS, Android, IOs, Linux, etc.

Beautiful and intuitive interface

Econumo is designed in a minimalist style. Each screen is designed to make it easy and pleasant for you to use the application daily.

Shared accounts

Shared accounts for you and your friends are immediately available in the application. Share accounts access with your loved ones.
You can grant both read-only access and full access.

All features

Accounts in different currencies

You can create accounts in any currency in the world. Exchange rates are updated daily.

Unlimited accounts

The application has no limits on the number of accounts. Create as many as you need.

Organization of accounts into folders

Group accounts into folders as you see fit. Folders can be hidden to remove a set of accounts that you rarely use.

Tags and payees

Markup using tags and payees (senders and recipients) is available in the application. Thanks to this, you can view the statistics in the desired context.

For developers

The Econumo source code is distributed under the GPL-3.0 license.
You can freely use the application both in the cloud and from your own server.


The project was developed using php on the backend and vuejs (quasar) on the frontend.
Backend and frontend are distributed separately in Docker images.